Pyro Tech Pro

While many technicians have made Excel spreadsheets to list...

While many technicians have made Excel spreadsheets to list their cues in the past, this new software keeps better track of Cues, Controllers, Devices, Tours, Per-Diems and your Salary; complete with a Tour Schedule and M&IE Report.

Pyro Tech Pro was designed with the touring pyrotechnician in mind, as well as doing one-off shows. First you create a tour by simply filling in the artist, tour and leg into the Tours database.

You can add to the list of Controllers and Devices when you use something not in the list yet. When you create your cues, all you do is select from drop-down menus.

Assigning a Controller for the Cue is done by a menu. When you select a Device, you choose a category such as. From that choice, the next menu only lists colors, types and dimensions of gerbs, etc.

Your Cue-Sheet is completely sortable by Cue Number, Controller, Device Model, Color and Dimensions, Quantity, Location, Holder, Chase, and Rate.

This helps if you decide to print your cues by different sorts. It's pre-loaded with many Controllers and tons of Devices. Check out the Screen Shots.

FEATURES INCLUDE:* LOADED with Smart Tips (it knows You, the Tour, etc. )* Print M&;IE Reports (track your Federal Per-Diems)* Pre-loaded with tons of Le Maitre Devices and several Controllers* Fog Machines, Low-Lying Fog, Hazers, Paper Products,.

* Gerbs, Flames, Waterfalls, Comets, Mines, Line Rockets, Robotics, Airbursts,. * Smart Tours and Smart Cues (menus based on previous selections)* Store Contracts, Riders, NFPA Files, Stage / Lighting / Rigging & Pyro Plots in one place* Find a County, Check Domestic & Foreign PD Rates online* Track your Salary, Buyouts, PD, with Running Totals* Store 30 photos a day; View Print in Biggie-Sizes* Store Venue, Promoter, Promoter Rep, and Fire Marshal contact information and photos* Store 2 Maps or Photos per Venue* Add your own Controllers and Devices* Store both MSDS and PSDS with each Device, and a Manual with each Controller* Email or Call the Promoter, Rep or Fire Marshal from your computer's software* And so much more.